Saxbys: CEO / Founder Saxbys, Nick Bayer
Experiential Cafe Case Story (2008) + Video

Murray Hill and Conference Center: Director, Lali Sanchez Aldana
Murray Hill, NYC (2019-2020) + 100% Female leadership team

“We had attended a conference of people from all over the world with 153 leaders and invited select team members who worked in similar conference centers. The event organizers asked us to share what we learned from One Degree with the group during one of the education sessions.

Once we returned from the leadership empowerment event, we asked our team, ‘Do you feel you had an advantage over the rest of the participants who attended the conference because you attended One Degree lessons?’ The team said, ‘Yes! Because we can digest what we are learning much more than the rest of the people because we’ve had a great background. Not only theoretical, but really practical. Originally we hated meetings with the team before One Degree. We could see the faces in the room, arms folded and say to ourselves, this meeting isn’t going well and felt dread prior to meetings thinking, let’s get this meeting over with – and fast.

Meetings are different from 6-8 months ago. It’s a completely different story. We now can talk about things we want to keep, things we want to implement, things we want to refine, or omit. And we can have a nice conversation talking while sharing different viewpoints. Now we look forward to meetings and love them! Now we can have a dialog with each other.”

DAS Architects – Annette Walsh, Office Manager / DAS Business Manager
Philadelphia, (2020- 2021) / (215) 751-9008

Morris Clarke / DAS Partner and COO / / (570) 336-6608

“Heading into a pandemic is a scary thing and comes with fear and uncertainty. DAS took the initiative to team up with One Degree in March of 2020 to relaunch our company to ensure we came out the other side stronger and with a revitalized and confident staff. One Degree dove into our concerns to direct and guide us to focus on what was important to each team member and company as a whole. Together with One Degree we determined and developed core values which is the heart of who DAS is now. One Degree assisted us to develop protocols and procedures for the company and team members including goal setting and sales tactics. Ed and Maria provided their knowledge and experience to ensure a healthy team that included systems of mentorship and platforms for growth.

DAS is truly grateful to the alliance we have with One Degree and thank Ed and Maria for their continued support. We encourage any company that wants to improve their team’s skills and communication as well as set future goals to absolutely bring One Degree onboard to help their company succeed.”

Current Client (2020 – Present) The Middletown Home / Harrisburg, PA Cindy Hartman / Communications Director
Office: 717-944-3351 ext 1003 /

“Thanks to the genius of Maria and Ed of One Degree, they have taken the leadership of The Middletown Home to the next level.

By explaining what “culture” truly means, and how human beings are wired to the “negative,” amongst many other tidbits, we have learned so much!

We now know to catch staff doing something right, rather than only commenting when they do something wrong. One Degree created a seismic shift in actions and attitudes for our entire leadership team. We can now do a much better job retaining good employees.

The biggest take-away to success was educating and teaching us how to do 1on-1 meetings with our staff in a consistent manner on a constant basis.