Ed Doherty | Founder

Ed Doherty, the visionary founder of One Degree Coaching, LLC, boasts a remarkable 40-year career in the dynamic realm of hospitality. Spanning roles from chef to managing partner, owner, and COO, Ed’s journey has been defined by a profound realization: engaged and fulfilled teams are the cornerstone of productivity and success. Harnessing this ethos, he established One Degree in 2011, dedicated to revolutionizing workplace culture. Since then, Ed has helped leaders transform their teams by empowering organizations with the tools and strategies to cultivate inspired, cohesive, and high-performing teams that drive lasting organizational success.

He lives in Haddon Township, New Jersey and enjoys traveling with his wife and four children.


Jon Doherty
Restaurant Coaching

Jonathan has worked in the hospitality sector for over 15 years. He’s opened multiple restaurants, crafted cocktail menus and developed highly functioning teams. Jonathan knows that a successful hospitality business is a balance of great attitude, skill, and knowledge. That’s why he blends his mastery of service, beverage, cuisine, and people into a humanized approach to coaching. He believes that people are a business’s number one asset and that a healthy and happy team is the true measure of success.


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