Ed Doherty


Ed Doherty is the founder of One Degree Coaching, LLC. During his 40-year career in the hospitality industry as a chef, managing partner, owner, and COO, Ed discovered that a happy team is a productive team. Motivated by his success in building cohesive teams, Ed created One Degree in 2011 to share his vision and techniques for building a better workplace. Ed believes the key to building a sustainable business is to train leaders on how to build inspired, connected and productive teams. He believes, as does the entire One Degree team, that quality of operations is tied to the quality of the work environment. Ed lives in Haddon Township, New Jersey and enjoys traveling with his wife and four children.

“Happiness is good business and an engaged team is your best marketing tool”.


Jon Doherty
Restaurant Coaching

Jonathan Doherty was raised in a restaurant family. Jonathan, the son of a successful chef, manager, and owner, learned that a successful hospitality business is a balance of great attitude, skill, and knowledge. Jonathan is a student of his craft but is also a student of human nature. He blends his mastery of service, beverage, cuisine, and people into a humanized approach to coaching. As a project facilitator for One Degree, Jonathan focuses on bringing awareness, compassion, and empathy to the forefront of effective learning and leadership. He believes that people are a business’s number one asset and that a healthy and happy team is the true measure of success.

“We help our clients build happy and healthy restaurant cultures”.

Areas of Specialty:
  • Craft Cocktail Programs
  • Sales Building
  • Team Building
  • Hospitality Training