Ed Doherty

Ed Doherty is the founder of One Degree Coaching, LLC. During his 40-year career in the hospitality industry as a chef, managing partner, owner, and COO, Ed discovered that a happy team is a productive team. Motivated by his success in building cohesive teams, Ed created One Degree in 2011 to share his vision and techniques for building a better workplace. Ed believes the key to building a sustainable business is to train leaders on how to build inspired, connected and productive teams. He believes, as does the entire One Degree team, that quality of operations is tied to the quality of the work environment. Ed lives in Haddon Township, New Jersey and enjoys traveling with his wife and four children.

“Happiness is good business and an engaged team is your best marketing tool”.


Maria Campbell

Maria Campbell, CEC, MBA shares her strength as a connector and chef.  With over 10+ years of experience lecturing in culinary education at AiPH and The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College, she’s taught, non-traditional & professional students.  She speaks and leads with contagious enthusiasm. Graduating from Saint Joseph’s University MBA Executive Marketing Degree, her passion expands our team with idea conjuring, effective collaboration, networking, online engagement and team building that increases workplace productivity.  

She organizes engaging events from educational seminars to PR experiential brand advocacy events and performs effective project management.  Moreover, she performs storytelling/videography, interviewing and has produced 100+ videos found on YouTube.

When she’s not helping repair and sustain thriving companies, she is the Founder, of a Philly-based, professional community called Cooks Who Care, a social impact organization that supports the well-being of people working in all facets of the food and beverage industry.  She’s dedicated to supporting employers and employees as they work to prioritize physical, mental & financial health both on and off the job. And… she is obsessed with helping others. She lives in Delaware County, PA with her husband who is also a chef by trade and their son.


Akanksha Patheja

Akanksha Patheja is a strong believer of the mantra HAPPY EMPLOYEES=HAPPY GUESTS. During her 10+ years in the hospitality industry, Akanksha has helped companies build engaging, empowering, and motivating work environments by balancing the 3 P’s of operating a successful business: Purpose, People, and Process.

With her background in Operations Management, Product Positioning & Marketing, and Project Management coupled with a Masters Degree in Hospitality Management from the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, Akanksha has had an opportunity to work with companies such as the Taj Hotels, Four Seasons, Intercontinental, Saxbys Coffee and Di Bruno Bros.

Akanksha lives in Bucks County, PA with her husband who also shares a common interest for exploring the world and different cultures.


Al Paris

Al is a highly respected professional, sought after for developing intentioned teams, synergized with the vision of impassioned leadership. Al has concepted, built, launched and operated over twenty rewarding businesses, of which he has owned eleven over the last 35 years attaining over 145 years of business legacy. He has served as CEO, treasurer, secretary, consultant, coach, public relations strategist, mentor, general manager, food and beverage director, culinary chair, and chef in his various capacities. Al currently sits as an advisory member on Penn State’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation council along with Temple University’s Business Management Major Council. Informed through years of business, natural law and philosophy, Al has affirmed his belief that transformational leadership is the first step in establishing high performing teams that take personal care of the collective vision, allowing deep learning, retention, and performance mastery. This voluntary engagement is established by leading a culture of passion and trust.