The name One Degree is inspired by the process of transforming from good to great. By building on what already works at an organization and tweaking it

Happiness is Good Business

Happiness- the eternal quest. Mankind has debated the meaning of happiness for centuries. Science now tells us that happiness matters. We are more productive, creative and all-together more intelligent when we are in a positive state of mind. It makes sense that smart organizations are focusing on team engagement and cohesion as a means to increase profits and productivity.

Unfortunately, most leaders do not know where to begin to improve engagement. To some, it may even seem frivolous to invest in an initiative that seems counterintuitive and is difficult to measure. The hard fact is that engagement levels in the U.S. are devastatingly low. Seventy-five percent of the workforce is not engaged, costing the U.S. economy $500 billion annually.

The big mystery is- how does it work? It all begins with understanding human nature and then how to apply the lessons learned to build a better workplace.

Happiness matters and it has a structure:


Humans need purpose so that they can find meaning in their work life. A focus on WHY as opposed to WHAT makes all the difference when you want a team focused on goals as opposed to a clock-punching mentality. The key is for organizations to codify a VISION (WHY) for a team to focus on opposed to a MISSION (WHAT) to focus on. VISION inspires, MISSION is simply barking-orders. An inspired human is a productive, creative and happy human.


People who feel competent are happier and do better work. Happiness in the workplace directly influences the bottom-line. The challenge lays in training and development. Most training programs employ a closed-loop, time-based approach to training. The problem is that humans need much more time to reach competence, confidence, and workplace happiness then most training programs allow. Achieving mastery takes over a year and forming a simple habit takes over two months. Ignorance of these simple facts is the silent killer in the workplace. We expect our trainees to be fully functioning after a few weeks of training or less. By understanding what humans need to grow toward competency, and what leaders need to supply situationally to get to mastery, is at the center of sustainable human effort.


Productivity and creativity are crushed when the workplace micromanages human activity. Because humans rarely reach mastery due to ineffective training programs, there is an inevitable doom-loop in the employee lifecycle. No purpose to inspire, ineffective training that leads to no mastery, the ill-informed belief that micromanaging people is the only way to achieved productivity creates the inevitable disengagement. New studies overwhelming agree that self-efficacy produces far greater productivity than traditional “management”.

The Happiness Curve

The Happiness Curve is the One Degree methodology for guiding individuals and teams through the journey from initial inspiration to sustainable mastery and productive autonomy. It combines workplace learning needs with the situational leadership and the training required to get maximum productivity from your team. This process varies based on experience, skill, and knowledge, but both leaders and learners need to understand and employ this methodology to reduce stress, accelerate competence and achieve cohesion.

The One Degree Way: Connect + Direct

The Building Blocks of a Happy, High-Performing Team

One Degree Coaching employs a 5-step process to build a productive workplace:

Connect: build trust to initiate engagement
Purpose: coach using culture to make work meaningful and inspiring
Mastery: teach independence through self-leadership
Autonomy: delegate and facilitate to competence and confidence
Direct: provide ongoing feedback and continue to challenge growth and development

The HOW of Our WHY

Connect: we train managers on how to be servant leaders. We help them develop leadership HABITS that help create a culture of engagement and ownership. One Degree leaders are People Developers who drive results!
Purpose: One Degree helps clients develop a culture built around VISION and VALUES, This purpose-driven culture helps build inspired, productive teams and helps leaders make consistent, informed decisions.
Mastery: our proprietary training and development process provides leaders with a roadmap for developing a team that has a great attitude, is highly skilled, and the knowledge to give your organization a competitive advantage.
Autonomy: One Degree believes that managers are “only as good as their day off”. This means that an organization should function all well as when you are there or not. By teaching delegation, we help improve productivity while improving the quality of life of the leaders.
Direct: first you must CONNECT to build trust in humans but you must also learn to DIRECT them. Positive accountability is essential for sustainable results. We teach leaders how to properly set goals and hold people accountable to then without causing workplace disfunction.

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Connect + Direct

The Happiness Learning Curve