At One Degree, we help build happy high performing teams through customized coaching programs that fit the nuanced needs of your organization.

Our driving mission:

To help teams thrive and improve the quality of life in the workplace and beyond. We believe happiness is good business.

The problem we’re addressing:

75% of America’s workforce is not engaged, costing U.S. companies $500 billion per year in decreased productivity and innovation, and increased turnover.

Our process:

Engage – Connect, read needs, build trust.

Educate – Top companies are built around learning and growing. We guide the education process by sharing skills and knowledge, and facilitating relevant experiences.

Icons — Vision/mission, values, mindfulness, hospitality training, empathy and resilience, communication development, servant leadership, appreciative inquiry.

Empower – We intend to help you take ownership over your own success. Our systems help you build capacity long term.

To learn more, read our white paper.