Ed Doherty

Ed Doherty is founder of One Degree Coaching, LLC. During his 40-year career in the hospitality industry as a chef, managing partner, owner and COO, Ed discovered that a happy team is a productive team. Motivated by his success building cohesive teams, Ed created One Degree in 2011 to share his vision and techniques for building a better workplace. Ed believes the key to building a sustainable business is to train leadership how to build inspired, connected and productive teams. He believes, as does the entire One Degree team, that quality of operations is tied to the quality of the work environment. Ed lives in Haddon Township, New Jersey and enjoys traveling with his wife and four children.

“Happiness is good business and an engaged team is your best marketing tool”.


Steve Rasovsky

Steve Rasovsky is an educator and entrepreneur. He serves as CEO of Lenka Bar, a granola bar company based in central PA. Steve has started several other ventures including a clothing company called One Line Design, and a solar energy company called Sun Giant Energy. His mission is to create experiences that help people feel fully alive and connected, so they can best reach their full potential. Steve holds a Masters of Education from University of Washington and a Bachelors of Environmental Science from NYU. He has taught mindfulness, team development and entrepreneurship to university students, post doctorates, and adult professional learners from over 100 countries.

Steve feels fully in flow when he is leading outdoor adventures, practicing and facilitating meditations, and mentoring young people in Philadelphia.


Michael Greene

Michael Greene is on a mission to better educate the hospitality industry in all areas of organizational health and business development. Michael’s passion for restaurants and his potential to inspire change, has guided him through 20 successful years in the industry.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree from Penn State, Michael began his career in the hotel industry, holding several positions of increasing responsibility. All the great traits, leadership skills and characteristics developed by Michael through the years were learned from some of the greatest mentors in the industry. After all the successful years, Michael had a vision of his own. The vision to teach other business owners how to better engage and manage their people, operating systems, and procedures. Michael likes to keep things simple and focus on what truly matters in life. He currently resides in Bucks County, PA with his wife and two children.